Thursday, January 27, 2011

Welcome to "The Sports Savant"

Hello The Sports Savant Reader,

This is the very first blog post on The Sports Savant web log!  Thank you for checking it out!  This blog was created to give the avid sports fan what few sports media outlets provide; sports news not just from a journalism perspective, but from a multifaceted, encompassing perspective that includes detailed team and player analysis of different sporting events and controversies, the observed impact of the results on the players and franchises, and observations of the elements outside of the sports arena that are effected by the outcomes of those performances.

The Sports Savant was created to bring you more than a story and a box score.  It was created to be a fun and entertaining outlook on sport's hottest stories and biggest events.  It was created to compare and contrast players and teams through research and statistics.  It is meant to be a home for critical pre-game analysis of premier sports match-ups and detailed post-game analysis of the sports performances seen every day around the world.

For a daily fresh take on the wide world of college and professional sports and expert analysis of the sporting events that you're passionate about, subscribe to The Sports Savant web log!  Enjoy!

-Forrest Doran
The Sports Savant

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