Friday, December 23, 2011

NFL 2011 - Betting Lines - Picks To Win, Versus the Spread and the Over/Under: Week 16

Welcome to Week 16!  It's coming down to crunch time for the playoffs for most teams.  22 teams either have clinched a playoff spot or are still eligible to play in the post-season.  Managing a crisp 12-4 record last week was very solid with all of the upsets in week 15.  Most experts were 8-8 or 9-7 so I did very well comparatively.  I managed to already land my 150th win of the season bringing my win percentage closer to the 68% I am trying to finish the year with(I'm at 67% now).  The busy holidays have left me unable to bring you analysis of the games for week 16, but as always, my picks are on the board.  Good luck!

Winner: 12-4   :-D
Winner w/ Spread: 8-7-1   :-)
Over/Under: 6-10 :-(
Trifecta: 3
Strikeouts: 2
Perfect Team Score Predictions: 2 (Dallas, New York(A))
Perfect Game Score Predictions: 0


*2011 Overall Record*
Winner: 150-74 (.669)
Winner w/ Spread: 110-106-8 (.509)
Over/Under: 107-113-4 (.486)
Trifecta: 49
Strikeouts: 30
Perfect Team Score Predictions: 31   [Week 1]: Atlanta, St. Louis, Detroit  [Week 2]: Arizona, Tampa Bay, Minnesota  [Week 4]: San Diego  [Week 5]: Jacksonville, Denver  [Week 6]: Atlanta, Oakland  [Week 7]: Chicago  [Week 8]: Houston, Carolina, Denver, Cleveland  [Week 9]: Oakland, Tennessee  [Week 10]: Miami  [Week 11]: Oakland  [Week 12]: Tampa Bay, Chicago, Seattle  [Week 13]: Buffalo, Washington, Houston, New England  [Week 14]: Houston, Carolina  [Week 15]: Dallas, New York(A)
Perfect Game Score Predictions: 2   [Week 1] Atlanta @ St. Louis  [Week 2]: Tampa Bay @ Minnesota

NOTE: The team with a negative number in parenthesis "(-3)" next to their name is the favorite to win the matchup and the number represents how many points the favorite has to score more than the underdog to count as a winning bet.  The over/under for the game is represented by a number in parenthesis with the letters o and u "(o/u 46)".  The number represents the amount of points you are wagering whether or not the two team's combined score will be in excess of or short of.  Official betting lines courtesy of

My picks for Week 16...

Indianapolis vs. Houston(-9.5)  (o/u 43.5)
Savant Spread Pick: Houston and the points to win ~ 24-14
Over/Under Pick: Under

Oakland @ Kansas City(-2.5)  (o/u 42)
Savant Spread Pick: Kansas City the points to win ~ 26-21
Over/Under Pick: Over

Buffalo @ Denver(-3)  (o/u 41)
Savant Spread Pick: Denver and the points to win ~ 29-20
Over/Under Pick: Over

Jacksonville vs. Tennessee(-7.5)  (o/u 40)
Savant Spread Pick: Jacksonville to win ~ 19-16
Over/Under Pick: Under

Arizona @ Cincinnati(-4)  (o/u 41)
Savant Spread Pick: Arizona to win ~ 27-20
Over/Under Pick: Over

Miami @ New England(-9.5)  (o/u 49)
Savant Spread Pick: New England and the points to win ~ 37-28
Over/Under Pick: Over

Cleveland @ Baltimore(-12.5)  (o/u 42.5)
Savant Spread Pick: Baltimore and the points to win ~ 28-12
Over/Under Pick: Under

New York(N) @ New York(A)(-3)  (o/u 45.5)
Savant Spread Pick: New York(N) to win ~ 21-17
Over/Under Pick: Under

Minnesota @ Washington(-6.5)  (o/u 44)
Savant Spread Pick: Minnesota to win ~ 23-20
Over/Under Pick: Under

Tampa Bay @ Carolina(-7.5)  (o/u 47.5)
Savant Spread Pick: Carolina and the points to win ~ 27-14
Over/Under Pick: Under

St. Louis @ Pittsburgh(-13)  (o/u 34.5)
Savant Spread Pick: Pittsburgh and the points to win ~ 26-6
Over/Under Pick: Under

San Diego @ Detroit(-2)  (o/u 52)
Savant Spread Pick: San Diego to win ~ 27-21
Over/Under Pick: Under

Seattle vs. San Francisco(-2.5)  (o/u 37.5)
Savant Spread Pick: San Francisco and the points to win ~ 23-10
Over/Under Pick: Under

Philadelphia @ Dallas(-1.5)  (o/u 50.5)
Savant Spread Pick: Philadelphia to win ~ 31-27
Over/Under Pick: Over

Chicago @ Green Bay(-12)  (o/u 43)
Savant Spread Pick: Green Bay and the points to win ~ 35-9
Over/Under Pick: Over

Atlanta @ New Orleans(-6.5)  (o/u 52.5)
Savant Spread Pick: New Orleans and the points to win ~ 38-28
Over/Under Pick: Over

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